#Animal Welfare
State Administrative Tribunal

Australia treats pet ownership differently to the rest of the world. Many strata companies in Australia will not allow pets, and some only with permission. The definition for 'suitability' is vague at best, and absolutely discriminatory at worst. It is not illlegal to own a pet in Australia, but many pet owners are made to feel like it is. A lack of pet ownership rights in Australia is infringing on the Aussie way of life, and is breaking up families all over the country. it is also contributing to a huge issue of dog rehoming, rescues and terminations because strata companies won't allow families to bring their pets with them.

Pets should be treated just like children. In other words - it is none of anybody else's business; but if the pet 'breaks it, you buy it' and you have to repair it, just like you would have to for anything else, covered in your bond.

We are currently being told that we cannot have our dog in our super spacious GROUND FLOOR apartment with a large yard, because our neighbours in the apartment may find the dog 'intimidating', even though he is not a dangerous breed and is a complete couch potato and absolute sook of a thing. (Some of you may have guessed that I am talking about a Great Dane.) We do not find this acceptable or fair, and certainly not just cause to break up a family.

Please sign up to support my cause. It may help us keep our dog, and it may help other dog owners in future who want nothing more than to keep their respective families together.

We believe Great Danes to be apartment-suitable dogs.

And we believe that strata companies should not be able to ban Great Danes based on their size.

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