#Human Rights
Labour Government and head of states!

We live in a country that is surposed to be full of dreams, ours have yet to come! We do not yet have the legal right to same sex marriage in Australia. Gay and lesbian aussies deserve repect and rights and we love just as heterosexuals love.

We want to get married just like heterosexuals want to get married. So please sign this petition in hoping same sex marriage! .. or even civil unions will become legal in the near future! The closest thing we have is a relationship registry in only 2 states!

Come on Australia, we can do better than that! This petition will be forwarded on to the PM and all head of states! Human Rights = Equal Rights!

We the the people of the GLBT community and friends of the GLBT community of Australia here by sign this petition in hope to remove the law against Same sex couples not being able to marry or celebrate a civil partnership.

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