Nathan Deal
United States of America

All of the left over food from all restaurants, that is still edible, to be bispursed through local homeless shelters, and soup kitchens to feed all the people that the government forgot about.

I have worked in many fast food restaurants, and they throw away so much edible food at the end of the day. Then I go out and see people asking for money to get some food, when I just threw away enough food to feed him for a week, and it just hurts.

We have enough food to feed every person in this state, if we all just cared about each other a little more.

We, the people, demand the state of Georgia to require all restourants and fast food places to "donate" all edible left of food to local soup kitchens and homeless shelters. It is time we take action because nobody, expecially a child, should ever go hungry when we have the resources to change it

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