#Animal Welfare
Mark Zuckerberg - Facebook

Killing for the thrill is unfortunately legal in the US and many countries. For many of us, thrill kill is not hunting at all but merely an excuse to slaughter animals that are not going to be consumed for sustenance, rather, killing for 'sport'. Sport involves competition and its quite clear that NO animal is going to have a chance to 'compete' with these killers, thus it simply is NOT 'sport', not sport for the animals at all. The creature has no chance of survival when there is a massively powered gun with a scope on it, aimed at it from a very safe distance by a very sick individual. This is not sport, this is murder/killing and its simply for a rush of adrenaline, lack of or too much, testosterone and lastly, bragging rights. This includes the men too; ladies, you are not being singled out.

While it is unlikely that as citizens and Facebook members signing this petition we can do much about this enormous foe and the income created from the hundreds of thousands of jobs it offers, the hunting, the guns & ammo, income from the sporty & fabulous clothing designs and the biggest foe - the NRA; we CAN make a stand, albeit a small one, by objecting to having to view the carnage of thrill kill on the public forum of Facebook. Any objection to thrill killing is taking a stand for animals rights and animal welfare, it also takes a stand against animal cruelty and abuse.

This petition serves to erradicate gruesome photos from Facebook. It also serves to bring more awareness to the all encompassing industry of thrill kill which is mostly comprised of elitists with tons of money.

Beautiful creatures die at the hands of people who believe they have a right to kill it regardless of it NOT being a source of food. Many argue it is their right as Americans (or human beings) to kill for the thrill and unfortunately, they are correct. It is my right, however, to complain and object to having to view the photos that are currently visible to the general public of Facebook.

We, the undersigned, object to being made to view photos of creatures that have been killed for sport by thrill killers aka 'Big Game Hunters' on the public forum of Facebook.

We request to have these photos banned from the public forum and that they be made to publish their kill photos in private groups, on private forums with private members.

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