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Johnny Pisano is a bass player for the Willie Nile Band @ Willienile.com he has a large Fan base and is one of the kindest persons I know. He also does acting in many film on TV and movies under director Martin Scorsese.

Facebook for no reason disabled his Facebook page saying it was for safety and security reason and their decision is final. This is so unfair and there is no way to reach them to say this was a big mistake and not true.

To whom it may concern at Facebook

We the undersigned would like to submit a petition on behalf of our friend Johnny Pisano who has had his facebook account suspended/banned. We would like to see his account reinstated as soon as possible. We would also like to ask why the account was suspended in the first place!

Johnny Pisano has been nothing short of a polite, courteous and contributing member to the facebook community, which is why we are questioning why his account has been suspended.

If someone has reported his account for whatever reason, we are sure that facebook, and those who are in charge of reinstating accounts, will see that Johnny Pisano 's account has been unjustly suspended. Johnny Pisano, as a person, has always remained steadfast in upholding the commitments specified under section three, four and five of the facebookStatement of Rights and Responsibilities.


We would like to see Johnny Pisano 's account suspension investigated at facebook's earliest convenience, as he is a big part of a fan base and bass player for the Willie Nile Band. He also does acting in many film on TV and movies under director Martin Scorsese.

Thank you for your time, and we would appreciate this matter being addressed at your earliest convenience.

Kind Regards

Facebook Friends & Fans of Johnny Pisano

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