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UK Border Agency
United Kingdom

We came to the UK from Australia for a family holiday in July 2004. I fell in love with UK and decided I wanted to stay (many asked WHY !!)

My loving wife and children Eddie, Ben and Lucy are English, I am Australian (a Commonwealth county)
I made the mistake of not lodging a formal application to stay immediately I fell in love (but then who says I love you straight away!) although I had discussed with the UKBA my desire to stay and how to best go about this - I was born under a British and Colonies passport in Rhodesia (aka Zimbabwe). Following lengthy discussions I lodged an acceptable application in July 2006.

3 years of being stateless (unable to work and support my family, paid for and missed 3 family holidays) I was finally granted Discretionary Leave to Remain in July 2009.

I willingly give (and love) the 10-12 hours a week I give to my local community coaching youth rugby and football teams and acting as business manager for a local rugby club. My businesses export on behalf of the UK and pay £10's of £1,000's in VAT.

Learned my lesson and lodged my extension to remain for the next 3 years within specific, stipulated guidelines on the 15th June 2012.

Booked (and paid for) what will be our first holiday in years and am now fighting to get my visa ratified in time to allow me to go with my family.

They are telling me to wait 6 months before even contacting them to discuss it........?

Please help me!



We, the undersigned, call on the UK Border Agency to issue Glendon Llewellyn Lloyd with an extension to his Discretionary Leave to Remain visa in sufficient time for him to travel with his family to Spain on 10th August 2012.

We, the undersigned, call for common sense to prevail.

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