Students, faculty, administration of Caldwell College
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This petition was created by a group of students who desire to see a change in the curriculum here at Caldwell. Ideally, the changes we would like to see involve modifying the core to include a required Gender/Diversity Studies class which would enable and challenge students to bring more diverse ideas, thoughts, suggestions, information, etc. to their other classes.

This class would hopefully take the approach of the Sc/WS316 [Scholars program/Women's Studies] class in that it would examine key issues in the lives of women, men, people of diverse backgrounds, etc.; promote an in-depth examination of the "flow" of information; explore different methods of analyzing and disseminating that information in a useful, productive, innovative manner.

This process begins with giving the Women's Studies program the full-fledged status of department.

I (a[n] student/faculty member/member of the administration/alumna[-nus]) agree that the Women's Studies program at Caldwell College should and needs to be expanded to become a full-fledged department; furthermore, I believe that a Gender/Diversity Studies class would be an excellent addition to the core curriculum.

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