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Ontario’s Community Health Centres (CHCs) and Aboriginal Health Access Centres (AHACs) -- similar health centres that are focused on health and health care for Aboriginal community members -- are among the greatest success stories of our provincial health system.

CHCs and AHACs are the only primary health care model that combines team-based primary care delivered by physicians, nurses, dietitians, counselors and other providers, with health promotion and community development services.

They are also unique because they focus on the "social determinants of health", acting as leaders in tackling the root causes of illness, and working to keep individuals, families and communities healthy in the first place.

Unfortunately, only 4 percent of Ontarians currently have access to a Community Health Centre or an Aboriginal Health Access Centre. An expansion of access to CHCs and AHACs in Ontario will mean accessible, high-quality, preventive health care for more Ontarians. It will also result in healthier communities and a more effective and sustainable provincial health system for all Ontarians!

To: Dalton McGuinty, Premier of Ontario

Community Health Centres (CHCs) and Aboriginal Health Access Centres (AHACs) provide high quality care and make our health care system more affordable and sustainable. We call on you to commit to fully funding all CHCs announced by the Government of Ontario in 2005. We also call on you to commit to giving 250,000 more Ontarians access to CHCs and AHACs by 2015.

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