It's simply ridiculous. Should Liverpool be allowed back into the Champions League next season as holders? The answer should be a firm NO! Rules are rules and the game will only be fair if rules are followed. Even mighty Brazil needs to play qualification games to enter World Cup 2006.It's obvious that it was stated at the start of the season only the top 4 teams in EPL will represent England in Champions League and Liverpool should not strip Everton of its merit.

Everton deserved its place in the Champions League for their remarkable achievement in 38 tough games in EPL. Liverpool should not robbed them of their fruits of labour with their 13 games success in Europe. If Liverpool supporters get their way with petitions and literary appeal, it would sound a death to football. To spread justice, please forward this petition link to others too.


We would like UEFA to reject petitions for Liverpool to return to next season's Champions League as holders as they finished outside the top 4 teams in England.

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