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APRIL 18, 2007
***Patch notes***
-The wizard instant cast nukes (Flashfires, Cloudburst Strike, and Cold Snap) have been reduced in effectiveness slightly.

Nov,13, 2007
Patch Notes
*** Secrets of Faydwer ***
- Single-target fire, ice, and magic instant cast spells from TSS and SoF now share the same recast timer. The recast delay on Cloudburst has been decreased so it can be chained. The Cloudburst line is now more damaging but less efficient than the - Flashfires and Cold Snap lines. Recourses from these instant cast spells now bestow a short-duration buff that applies a damage increase to the next spell with a 3 second cast time or more. Most other wizard direct damage spells have had their cast times nearly halved and had this time applied to the reuse delay, allowing the use of 2-3 direct damage spells in the time that would previously be required to cast one.

While controversial to the wizard community, many players of this class simply did not care for these changes to the wizard class as it made the class less effective than it once was for burst damage which many consider wizard's primary function.

This petition is only addressing Wizard's instant spells. Dev_prathun, please return these spells to its formal power before 4/18/07.

This has caused many wizards to not enjoy their class as much as it once was. these spells should be embraced as it seems a valid source of completive damage, not changed because other spells are not good enough.

Given the changes, a compromise could suffice if at least some attention were put into it.
1) Cold and Fire instnats reduced to 6 second reuse keeping the resources.
3) mr instant mana reduced to match the post patch mana ratios of the 4/18/07 patch

both these changes would go a good deal towards balancing the class and there is much more to be done to encourage wizards to cast other spells because atm wizards went from casting 2 instants for the best damage to just one spell for burst damage.

Thanks for the support wizards, let's get this petition going!

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