Shannon Grove and Bakersfield City
United States of America

10 percent of Bakersfield's population is made up of children under the age of 10. The children of our future need an environment that excites and engages their natural desires to learn and wonder about the world around them.

Fundation will provide Bakersfield with a hands on learning exploration center targeted for children under the age of 10 in a family oriented setting. The center is intended to have different dynamics from building spaces, dramatic play, science centers, indoor play structures, outside music gardens, picnic areas, art explorations, and more. The entry fee will cover one adult and one child for up to 4 hours with reduced rates for additional children. After registration and enrollment is completed, Fundation offers up to a 2 hour pre-scheduled drop off window with certified/qualified early education specialists.

We, the people of Bakersfield and surrounding areas, are signing this
petition stating we support and/or intend on being consumers and users of the the hands-on learning center and services Fundation intends on providing to the community.

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