#City & Town Planning
Kensington & Chelsea Planning Department
United Kingdom

Proposed plans to put offices on the skatepark site remain.

The council have said that an alternative location for the skatepark would have to be provided.
BUT there is no specific alternative for relocating the park.

The draft plans are not specific enough to guarantee the future of the skatepark and we ask that you join us in petitioning the planning department of Kensington and Chelsea council further.

!Do not allow the loss of this amazing community resource!

Thank you for your support, please spread the word!

We the undersigned want to know that the Skate Park facility at the Westway WILL CONTINUE TO:-

Be much the same size and shape;

Be undercover;

Be supervised;

Be properly lit;

Be open to all ages;

Provide training and assistance;

Host athletes and events.

We would also like to know that any proposed alternative, should the existing skatepark have to be moved, is acceptable, appropriate and available to the skatepark operators and users and to ensure that it is not any less than we have already got – in fact it should be better – otherwise why relocate?

It should also be available and ready to use before any relocation is agreed.

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