South Africa

Every week there are newspaper and police reports of children being brutally raped and murdered at the hands of ruthless savages. The attacks are becoming more and more violent in nature and more frequent.

We stand together with the mothers, sisters, and daughters of South Africa, in a desperate call for an end to the current deaths and rape of our children. Minor jail sentences have no meaning to these killers and rapist.

Crime does not effect any particular race or creed rather we are all effected and victims of crime. It's time something is done to solve this problem.

We the undersigned call on the government to consider the rights of the victims of all violent crimes, and on their behalf to consider harsher penalties for those responsible for the brutual killings, torture or rape of any person throughout South Africa.

Brought together by the unfortunate events of the last two (2) months and the continued deaths and rape of innocent people, and Concerned by the increasing suffering of vulnerable affected groups especially women and children. We continue to mourn the loss of our fathers, mothers, sisters, brothers, sons and daughters who have died a senseless death; dreading the unceasing suffering of those faced with displacement, separation, violence, hatred, uncertainty, fear for their lives and the lives of their children, faced with the increasing fear of uncertainty for the country’s future, we the South Africans call upon:

All our elected representatives, to show true leadership in stopping the bloodletting and rape of innocent people, bringing a swift end to the current crisis through honest and sincere dialog, refraining from hostile rhetoric and cynicism against each other, making the necessary compromises while upholding the true principles of democracy, freedom and equal opportunities, for the greater good of the people of South Africa;

As a nation of significant wealth and a proud and dignified people, we appeal to all concerned to step up efforts to reverse the current situation and ensure peace and stability in this new nation.

At this juncture, we take the opportunity to request you to consider any of the following as punishment for these crimes: RAPE AND MURDER.

1) Reinstating the death penalty will have more effect on those who kill for money, drugs, weapons and vehicles and those who rape and kill for sport.

2) Maximum life sentence WITHOUT parole (Life to mean life time in prison - regardless of good behavior or serving 25 years, they are to remain in prison until the end of their life.)

Following this request you will find all the signatures of all who agree with this petition and want harsher punishment for crimes of RAPE and MURDER in SA.

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