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Message: The cost of the Medicaid is out of control. The financial burden of the program is placed on County’s and ultimately being shouldered by property tax payers.

The State must take action to take financial responsibility for the program in an effort to lower property taxes in New York State.

Until the State takes responsibility for this burdensome program we are advocating that Counties withhold Medicaid payments made to the State of New York.

Objective: Passage of a bill that requires the State to take over the funding of Medicaid.

Strategy: Build a Coalition of support to withhold Medicaid payments to New York State through the Boycott Petition.

[11/17 Update: In Chautauqua County, the Tea Party Chapter and friends are also circulating a paper petition. This is especially important for those that support the effort but are not online. At present they've collected over 300 signatures. To download a copy usable in any county, go to "www.sttpp.wordpress.com"]


TO: County Leaders of New York State - Stop Medicaid Payments to New York State Government

FROM: The People of the Counties of New York State

We hereby decry the NY State Government’s neglect to cede to county governments, the ability and authority to control spending on expensive state mandated programs and local personnel costs associated with these unfunded mandates. The lack of overall mandate relief, especially Medicaid reform, continues to be a crushing burden on county finances and county property tax payers. The burden of unfunded mandates is resulting in either municipalities having to bypass the tax cap, or their having to drastically slash local programs to meet the requirements of the tax cap;

THEREFORE, we call for a boycott by our County Executives and County Legislatures, asking that they: STOP MAKING MEDICAID PAYMENTS TO NEW YORK STATE Government.

• That counties stop payments to pressure New York State government to put an end to unfunded mandates, in that these mandates are increasing local property taxes and undermining the competitiveness of our region for economic growth, job retention and job growth.

• It is time for our county executives (managers or supervisors), with the support of local legislature's and in conjunction with other counties throughout the State, begin withholding Medicaid payments in protest and until New York State takes responsibility for the cost burden of this unfunded mandate.

WE ALSO call on the State Senate and State Assembly to enact legislation that requires that New York State take responsibility for the cost of Medicaid. And we call on the Governor to sign this legislation into law. This will allow New York's counties to enact relief from some of the highest property taxes in the nation.

FURTHERMORE, it is time for the State to reform the Medicaid program itself. New York has the most costly Medicaid program in the nation, currently spending over $1 billion per week!

“Enough is Enough” so say we the undersigned:

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