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In Florida, renters have too many rights. Rights that extend above the landlord. The eviction process should only take 1-2 weeks if the renter does not pay. They should not be allowed to stay in a property for free until the courts decide whether or not to evict them.

Presently, to delay matters, renters only need to respond without paying any money to stay longer in a home. Where is the justice in this? A simple response to the court can delay getting them out for another few weeks. Meanwhile, they can do as much damage to your property as they like and not be responsible. Again, where is the justice in this? Florida courts need to be more proactive in the eviction process.

Fort Myers courts, in general need to listen to landlords when they show up to court on time and the renter does not. In other states when a renter does not show up for court they are evicted and not given a second chance. Why is it in Flroida they are given a second chance?

We, the undersigned, call on the Florida lawmakers to be more proactive in the eviction process and set a time limit to only 2 weeks to evict a current tenant.

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