Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders, Ted Cruz, John Kasich
United States of America

The 2016 US Presidential race surpasses the usual political nonsense. The candidates are proposing dangerous and impossible platforms. Supporters of various candidates have warned of inciting riots, civil war, and world war if their candidate doesn't win.

There is a growing movement for vacating the vote or writing in "nobody". There are viable third-party candidates but the "establishment" controls the media, voting polls, and even ballot access.

There is even a guy with a boot on his head promising ponies and time-travel, which is more viable than some of the other plans set forth by front-runners. There is no hope for reasonable voices of American people to be heard in this election cycle.

We, the sane and free-thinking people of the United States, are asking each and every candidate of the 2016 US Presidential race to please drop out.

Not only do we see our Liberty and Economy at stake, but the fate of the world.

We will not support your inciting of a World War 3, nor class warfare, nor political rally riots. We do not want more of the same. We will not vote for a "lesser of evils".

We are voting "None of the above" by asking you ALL to end your campaigns for presidency.

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