All Government Representatives in The United States
United States of America

We The People,

Of FreeThinkUS, and of this Great Nation request that Our Representatives End Illegal Immigration and all its Financial Support, which has been an overwhelming drain on Our Country and its CITIZENS.

We the Undersigned,

Request the end to Illegal Immigration and all roads to Amnesty.

We Request,

1. Make E- Verify a mandatory employment condition.

2. The end of Federal and State assistance to Illegals.

3. The Enforcement of all Present Immigration Laws.

4. A Constitutional change for our census.

All should be counted but only the number of American Citizens should be used for the allotment of Representation, Monies and Services.

5. A Legitimate Review of our present policy regarding all those born here becoming US Citizens.

The child born here of any individual who arrives by breaking present immigration laws shall NOT recieve US Citizenship.

We ask, that the American Citizen should be shown respect from our Officials and that we should be recognized as a lobby or group working as One.

Thank You,


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