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January 12, 2005

EA-Games wants us to pay for everything!

It started with Battlefield 2, which is normal "It's a complete game", then came a MOD. Battlefield 2 costs $44,95 (according to Amazon.com)

1st of all let me explain what a MOD is,

meaning of a mod according to wikipedia

* a mod is a Partial conversion of a game.
* you need to buy the original game to make use of the mod.
* mod's are mostly free because u have to buy the game.
(although mod-makers can ask for a fee to support them)

There are a lot of good mod's for Battlefield 2 coming out these days, all free work. But HARD work, hard work due to the community.

And what does the community ask for it, u get it NOTHING. They just want respect from the gaming community.

Well I say they get our respect.

And then comes EA-games, trying to profit from everything they get there hands on.

So they bring out Battlefield 2 :Special Forces which costs $29,99.


(have to admit it's worth the buy, but it's STILL a mod)

And now they want to bring out 2 new Boosterpacks $9.99 each.

(my wallet has run off underneath my bed, screaming this is 2 much)

Info on boosterpacks

Well im FED up with sponsoring Electronic (banking) Arts!

Do the math…
Battlefield 2 $ 44,95
Special Forces $ 29,99
Boosterpack (2times)$ 19,98
grand total of $ 94,92

And that's a lot of money WE pay EA.
(Not all to EA but also to developers)

people sign this petition if u agree

thx community

Please sign this petition if u want these new boosterpacks to be free, and spread the word in forums around the globe.

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