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1. Stop Bike Path on Commerce Drive in Decatur

Letter of concern:

We the undersigned are residents, employees and patrons of the City of Decatur and are concerned about the impending protected bike path on Commerce Drive in Decatur, GA 30030. While we do not object to protected bike lanes in general, the use of Commerce for this project is unacceptable.

Commerce Drive has been consistently pushed as the route one should use to go around the city when driving motor vehicles. Last year, Decatur allowed a new apartment building to take away a lane of Commerce Avenue by building right on top of the lane, thus decreasing vehicular access already.

Now, the city officials want to remove another lane to allow a built out protected bike path.
This will crush the already overwhelming traffic on Commerce. Additionally, it will cause severe safety issues by forcing vehicles to cut through neighborhoods and through downtown Decatur.
That is unacceptable because Commerce Avenue was purported to be used to avoid that.

The so-called “road diets” in Decatur have been immense in the last few years.
McDonough has been cut in half to build a protected bike lanes, Church has also been cut in half near Glenlake park. Additionally, there is a planned “road diet” for Howard near Decatur High School, thus removing a lane of Howard.

With the influx of hundreds of apartment buildings, new surrounding businesses and a tight real estate market mostly bringing in families with children, the effect of traffic on quality of life is becoming unbearable. People need to be able to drive their children to daycare and school, and then drive to work. That is the reality of life. Most of that cannot be done on a bike, especially when you have more than one child.

Protected road lanes serve a few, while the majority of residents struggle daily to get their kids to school on time and then get to work on time and, later, pick their kids up from daycare / school on time and get home.

We request that you choose another road to put the protected bike path on. Commerce needs to be the way for vehicles to get around the city without cutting through it.

And - at minimum - test the impact this project could have before moving forward. Boulder, CO had a similar bike path tested with rubber bumpers before tearing up the streets to see what the city impact would be.

Please do the responsible thing and respect the quality of life of those living in Decatur.
I hear the arguments that people don’t want to encourage others to use Decatur as a cut through city, but they don’t - because traffic is horrible. However, people that live here need to be able to get out of their homes, through the city, and to work / school.

Please respect the citizens of this city and their quality of life.
We appreciate the consideration of the City of Decatur Commissioners regarding this concern.

2. Save the HSBC Banks in Ruabon & Chirk

HSBC have announced plans to close its branches in two Wrexham villages.

The bank confirmed that its branches in Chirk and Ruabon are to close on Friday 8th April 2016 – with plans to write to customers on Monday advising them of the closures.

Customers will be transferred to the HSBC branch in Wrexham Town Centre which is an 11 mile drive from Chirk and five miles away from Ruabon.

HSBC have said that the decision to close the two banks comes is made with ‘great reluctance’, stating that following ‘careful analysis of both branch’s commercial viability it was clear that they are no longer generating the custom necessary to justify their continued operation’.

It comes as what the bank has described as a ‘dramatic change to people’s banking habits’. The closure of the two HSBC branches will not result in any redundancies with HSBC confirming that staff will be located elsewhere.

However decision to close the two branches has been slammed by politicians, with local Penycae and Ruabon South Councillor Joan Lowe said it was a disgrace and would impact on local people and the business community. I've been in touch with the local MP Susan Elan Jones who s taking up in Westminister via the department of Business, innovations and skills who seem to be letting local community down

“Both branches are situated in areas of growing business development and serve customers from villages around them. HSBC’s decision comes after decisions to close branches across many other villages and small towns across the country, including Llangollen, Corwen, Cefn and Rhos.

“Bank branches like these are very important to everyone locally, particularly elderly customers, the disadvantaged and local businesses, especially small and medium sized businesses.

3. Artists for Greater Art Commerce

Dear San Joaquin Academic, Business and Art Markets:

Studies show communities that economically invest in the arts receive returns higher than their investment(s).

As a fine art visual artist (drawing, painting, photography, sculpture, etc.), of San Joaquin County, California, USA, I hereby declare:

My role is to perpetuate our culture in the art I create;

When I make art, regular skills I use may include the following:

• applied mathematics
• chemistry,
• geometry,
• additional varied physical sciences,
• compound complex writing,
• critical thinking and analysis,
• tools and supplies inventory and review,
• risk management, product testing, and purchasing,
• psychological introspection,
• sociological observations,
• project coordination,
• cost analysis and advanced accounting,
• contract design and review,
• project management,
• chief executive/presidential: small business design, management, and operation,
• trial demonstrations, problem solving, and education.

Additionally, I have normal every-day obligations like:
• having adequate food, clothing, transportation, and housing, and
• consistently conducting good-faith business practices, professionally.

As a skilled expert, the following normal business costs and expenses are incurred in the making of my art and included in my net sales pricing:
• Insurance (vehicles, liability, fire, theft, property, workman's compensation, etc.)
• Specialized Training (mentoring, vocational, academic, continuing, etc.)
• Established and Periodic Literature and Information Resources
• Vehicle Maintenance and Operation (gasoline, oil, etc.)
• Non-recurring Studio Materials and Equipment (brushes, lathes, cameras, easels, etc.)
• Advertising (websites, photo books, business card and flyer printing, etc.)
• Vehicles (automobiles, vans, trucks, movers/installation aids, etc.)
• Warehouse, Studio, Shop, and Office Rent
• Documenting, recording, and archiving art works to support clear provenance,
• Stocks of art supplies, hand equipment tools, and replacement parts
• Telephone, Light, and Heat
• Small Business Management and Administration
• Office Equipment (computers, faxes, phones, scanners, backup drives, etc.)
• Technical Computer Support Services
• Business Expenses (Fielding Agents, Show Entrance Fees, Membership Fees, etc.)
• Benefits (IRA/Retirement accounting, Business Banking Charges, etc.)
• Office Assistance (usually, in small businesses, a taxed/overworked loved one)
• Office Supplies (stationary, postage, shipping crates/boxes, etc.).

4. Support the Concord-LeRoy Area Chamber of Commerce, Lake County, Ohio

Currently the Painesville Area Chamber of Commerce servces the communities of Painesville City, Painesville Township, Grand River, Fairport Harbor, LeRoy Township and Concord Township.

The collective population of these communities from the 2000 Census is 60,964 and growing. The Lake County Ohio Business List includes more than 1600 businesses in the Painesville, PV Township, Grand River, Fairport Harbor, Leroy and Concord areas. There is an overworked staff of two that is managing service of these businesses as prospect members and those that are in their membership currently.

Concord and LeRoy Townships are growing. Land is being purchased for development and a Town Center Initiative is planned for both LeRoy and Concord. With the construction completion in 2009 of the surgical center for University Hospitals and the new Tri-Point Hospital for Lake Hospital Systems, there is a projected growth in Concord alone of an additional 200 - 500 businesses and homeowners within the next 3 - 5 years.

Concord and LeRoy Townships require a dedicated Chamber of Commerce regionally located and designed specifically to serve this growing area.

5. EA-Games - boosterpacks should be free

January 12, 2005

EA-Games wants us to pay for everything!

It started with Battlefield 2, which is normal "It's a complete game", then came a MOD. Battlefield 2 costs $44,95 (according to

1st of all let me explain what a MOD is,

meaning of a mod according to wikipedia

* a mod is a Partial conversion of a game.
* you need to buy the original game to make use of the mod.
* mod's are mostly free because u have to buy the game.
(although mod-makers can ask for a fee to support them)

There are a lot of good mod's for Battlefield 2 coming out these days, all free work. But HARD work, hard work due to the community.

And what does the community ask for it, u get it NOTHING. They just want respect from the gaming community.

Well I say they get our respect.

And then comes EA-games, trying to profit from everything they get there hands on.

So they bring out Battlefield 2 :Special Forces which costs $29,99.

(have to admit it's worth the buy, but it's STILL a mod)

And now they want to bring out 2 new Boosterpacks $9.99 each.

(my wallet has run off underneath my bed, screaming this is 2 much)

Info on boosterpacks

Well im FED up with sponsoring Electronic (banking) Arts!

Do the math…
Battlefield 2 $ 44,95
Special Forces $ 29,99
Boosterpack (2times)$ 19,98
grand total of $ 94,92

And that's a lot of money WE pay EA.
(Not all to EA but also to developers)

people sign this petition if u agree

thx community

6. Add Dr. Russell to our Blue Cross Blue Shield Network!

This petition's goal is to add Eric G. Russell, DC, to the Blue Cross/Blue Shield Network allowing the residents of Commerce, TX the right to choose Dr. Russell for their Chiropractic care.

This peition is directed to Blue Cross/Blue Shield of Texas. Its goal is to add Eric G. Russell, DC, to the Blue Cross Blue Shield Network, allowing the citizens of Commerce, Texas the right to choose Dr. Russell for their Chiropractic care. Dr. Eric Russell is the husband of Dr. Yvonne Villanueva-Russell, Assistant Professor of Sociology at Texas A&M University-Commerce, and has opened a Chiropractic office, Beacon Chiropractic in Commerce, Texas. Dr. Russell has appealed the decision denying him inclusion as a participating provider within the Blue Cross/Blue Shield network since the recommended number of Chiropractors within a 75 mile driving radius of Commerce has been met. It is my desire as a Blue Cross/Blue Shield of Texas policy holder (Texas A&M University-Commerce, Commerce ISD and Zurn/Quest employees) to add Dr. Russell to the in-network provider list so that I may have freedom of choice concerning my healthcare providers.


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