I am Always being Charge Unnecessary monies at the Ghana Customs or the Post Office(ACCRA -circle BRANCH), any time my family can pick up their packages.

For several years both Customs workers at Tema, Accra post office have soaked themselves in a never ending corruption, making it hard for Ghanaian staying abroad to do something for their own country. we work very fiercely to make our daily bread, and having to withstand such an alienated weather condition. I found it to be a total insult on the part of the current government for allowing such a heinous corruption to go on under his own nose.

I am issuing this petition due to what i have experienced and we the people living oversea would be very happy if you can do something about that. Many of us here are deeply willing to bring home lots of business opportunities, but all of that have been cut off by some few greedy bastards. We petition that should you get elected as the next president, major investigation should be done, people needs to get prosecuted and MOST importantly, Shipping made by all Ghanaian Citizens (except cars) should be absolutely free.

It would be more sensible for such good to be cleared for free and tax it later when selling them, that to let some people who have never travel travel to face the toughness we face here, charge something unlawful. Where is the checks and balance president and his ministers suppose to use when institutions go wrong? the last time i shipped something to Ghana was when my sister was asked by the Accra Central Post office( circle Branch), demanded a whooping $800.00. Not GHC but USD.

We are pleading to you, to take this serious should you get elected.

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