#City & Town Planning
Dudley Metropolitan Borough Council
United Kingdom

There are currently plans for the rejuvenation of the Dudley area and I strongly believe the addition of an ice rink would contribute enormously to our community. Whilst our current entertainment facilities are limited and with the next ice rink being over a good distance away, building one in the heart of the Black Country has the potential to be the next flagship building that attracts people from Birmingham, Wolverhampton and further afield.

Not only can it be used as a general public leisure activity, but it also promotes ice sporting events such as Figure Skating, Speed Skating, Curling, Ice Hockey and Disabled Ice Sports, as well as public show performances on ice and ice discos. The possibilities are endless, even from the sidelines it is so entertaining to watch, there is something in it for everyone.

This would also be ideal for children and young people, getting them off the streets and giving them a place to go to make new friends, improve fitness, build confidence and I believe it would dramatically improve mental health issues. People of all ages, backgrounds and abilities can benefit from this and I truly believe it would unite our community back together especially after this season of isolation and distress.

We, the undersigned, call on the Dudley Metropolitan Borough Council and developers for the proposal of building an ice rink in Dudley in order to provide a recreational outlet yielding various activities which would strongly benefit our community and surrounding areas. This will improve the reputation of Dudley and will boost revenue that can be reinvested into the Black Country area.

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