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Please sign this so that Epic games may roll back the material nerfs.

Epic games has implemented a number of updates to the gaming giant that is Fortnite. Most have been benificial to the wider community however some have not. Eg. Smoke grenade. They have always found a way to balance these items however when it comes to building. The one thing that makes Fortnite, Fortnite. It seems to get the short end of the stick. Once you would receive a reasonable amount of wood from trees and a minimum of thirty mats from chests. Now the trees have been nerfed and the chests now give a maximum of thirty mats with the possibility of twenty. On top of these changes.. They propose to apply to the more casual gamer who hasn't learned the skill tree of Fortnite. How you ask?

They plan to cap the amount of materials you can carry further than the current amount.

What does this mean? It means they are possibly changing the 999 for each material to say.. 500. Which is bad for anyone who plays more than the casual gamer. If you complete challenges and work for unlocks, you are not a casual gamer and it will affect you.

We are signing this form to show the number of people who believe that the materials have been nerfed enough in Fortnite.

The general attitude displayed by individuals online show that this is the wrong decision. Epic games have proven their ability to listen to the consumers opinions on game balances and changes and will hopefully put this into practice in this instance regarding the material nerfs.

The skill tree created by the necessity of building is the reason Fortnite stands out from other Battle Royale games and should not be reduced for the benefit of a small few who haven't put the time or effort to master this.

Maybe Epic Games can find another way to find a balance between casual and non-casual gamers but not through nerfing building materials.

We the people.

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