#Local Government
Nova Scotia's Provincial Government

HRM's 12-year history has proven that its "bigger is better" rationale is not the best answer for its citizens.

We, the undersigned, call on the Nova Scotia Government to take the steps necessary to dismantle Halifax Regional Municipality, and bring us back (more or less) to the pre-amalgamation arrangements.

We ask the Province through the appropriate departments, and in consultation with interested citizens to redefine and redraw and bring us back to government on a happier and more human scale.

In other words, we need more mayors (whether city or town) and councillors per capita.

We need leaders more likely to sympathize with our local worries & concerns, because they might actually know our neighbourhoods and communities. It is completely understandable that all the councillors who live perhaps ten, twenty, fifty miles away from us find it hard to care very much for our concerns and priorities. Altruism is not that heavy on the ground, so let us go back to systems less of a strain on human nature.

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