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1. Make Africville Museum and Heritage Site Accessible to Everyone

Please Mayor Mike Savage and the Halifax Regional Municipality:

- provide bus service to the Africville National Historic Site immediately

- construct sidewalks to improve accessibility to Africville in the future.

This petition asks the City of Halifax and Mayor Mike Savage to recognize the issues of accessibility to the Africville Museum and National Historic Site and asks them to remedy this with public transit and sidewalks.

This is an important cultural site and part of Nova Scotian history. Africville is a National Historic Site and the replica church museum tells the story of this community and its destruction. This is an important site both to the Black Nova Scotian community and the wider Canadian public.

The road approaching the Africville Heritage Site is unsafe for pedestrian traffic. Gravel trucks and machinery use the Africville Road continually and with no sidewalks or adequate shoulders on the road, it is generally unsafe to walk.

There is also no bus route to the Africville site.

The lack of public transit and unsafe walking conditions excludes potential visitors who do not have a car and cannot afford a taxi. It also excludes physically disabled persons from visiting who rely on public transport and sidewalks.

2. Make Hydrostone Accessible

Larex Properties benefits from municipal services like public transportation, fire & police protection and snow removal. People using wheelchairs pay taxes, yet they are excluded from Hydrostone Market, Halifax.

Tell Larry Swinamer to stop freeloading: Make Hydrostone Accessible!

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3. Save Court Sports Halifax (YMCA)

The Handball Association of Nova Scotia needs your support !! Rumour has it that the new YMCA replacing the South Park St facility in Halifax will NOT have courts!

Many have went through this before and there is ONLY one way to try and avoid NO Courts ...speak up , make noise and be heard.

Please sign the petition and help us be heard!



Commuter rail is a viable and desirable form of transportation in many cities around the world. By signing this petition you confirm your desire to use commuter rail as a public transit option for HRM.

The initial proposal is to continue the feasibility study for the section from Enfield, along the Bedford Highway, to Halifax over existing CN tracks.

Your support will be used to ensure that a commuter rail option is included in all future discussions about transit planning in the HRM. The general results of the petition will be promoted through the local media and a detailed copy will be used in direct discussion with HRM Councillors and staff.

You may choose to show your support for one or more of the following advantages that appeal to you:
- Commuter rail is cheaper than driving. The monthly cost of owning, maintaining, and parking a vehicle used mainly for commuting is considerably higher than the cost of a public transit pass.
- Commuter rail is more efficient for commuting than using the roads. Weather and road conditions, construction, or collisions can significantly impact travel time by car but are mostly negligable by rail.
- Commuter rail is more convenient, less stressful than taking a car. The time spent commuting can almost entirely be productive time, rather than the frustration of navigating a vehicle in peak traffic conditions.
- Commuter rail reduces the number of single-occupancy vehicles on the roads. The number of vehicles (rather than the number of commuters) defines the majority of the cost for road repairs, road widening, fuel prices, parking space, environmental impact. By offering commuter rail, HRM can be pro-active in dealing with the conflict between growth and sustainability. This will keep our city livable for our future and that of our families.
- Commuter rail benefits everyone. Unlike adding more cars, busses, or ferries to the transportation options, commuter rail can reduce peak hour travel time, traffic congestion, stress, collisions, road repairs, parking prices, and carbon emissions associated with commuting. This can benefit all residents of HRM independent of their use of commuter rail.

Thank you for participating in the future of your city!

For more information, contact Susan Tremills: / 835-3589

5. Remove USA flag from Metro Transit Uniforms HRM

Metro Transit bus drivers are wearing jackets emblazoned with American flags. The lay out of the Canadian flag on the uniform is NOT according to Canadian flag etiquette.

The American flag appearing on HRM Metro Transit bus drivers' uniforms has it's staff on the bottom right, and appears on the viewer's 'left' side, with the Canadian flag staff on the bottom left, and the Canadian flag appearing on the viewer's 'right' side.

It is claimed by Metro Transit personelle that they are in partnership with an American entity that requires them to wear this FOREIGN country's flag. The layout of these flags depicts the National flag of Canada as being subordinate to the US flag.

No FOREIGN flag should appear on ANY public employees' uniform, but only the CANADIAN MAPLE LEAF FLAG.

6. Back FAX for Super League

Halifax Rugby League is a Club with over 100 years of rich history and in the coming months we will fight for our entry back into the game's elite league, The Engage Super League.

We are the reigning Co-operative Champions, have a fantastic stadium and a growing support. We think we deserve to be back in the Big Time.

Will you help us show the RFL that we are ready?

We are aiming to gather as many names as we can and show the RFL we deserve our franchise. Please help us do this!

7. Keiths must be brewed in Nova Scotia

Labatt Brewing Company has announced today that production of Alexander Keiths India Pale Ale will be taken away from its ancestral home and birthplace since 1820.

Keiths is a Nova Scotian Tradition, deeply ingrained in our heritage so completely, that to take production away from Nova Scotia would be an affront to our culture and heritage.

8. Roadwork at Night for HRM

I am sure that as motorists in the HRM you have come across road construction during the summer and during peak traffic hours. Even as a non driver a few years ago I would be consistently late for work, or have to leave very early to catch a bus because of road construction.

This has to change, other major cities in Canada and in the world do roadwork at night to limit the effect on traffic. Its time for the HRM to catch up.

It should not take 60+ minutes to drive from Burnside to Clayton Park, not only is it an inconvenience, but its terrible for the environment. Think of the amount of cars on the road and the amount of emissions being produced. People are not going to stop driving, but if we can make the journey shorter we can at least help reduce the pollution problem.

9. Record all votes in the Nova Scotia Legislature

In 2008 Nova Scotia celebrated 250 years of democracy, making it the oldest democracy in Canada. However this venerable democracy is threatened by a lack of transparency and accountability.

In the past 6 years, spanning the 59th and 60th General Assemblies, 853 bills have been introduced, debated and voted upon in the Nova Scotia Legislature. Only 12 of those votes were recorded in the official record so 98.5% of the bills were voted on anonymously, with no indication of which MLAs were present, who voted in support and against.

Without a voting record Nova Scotia citizens cannot hold their Representative and the House accountable for voting done in citizenry's name on crucial issues affecting their families and communities.

Visit us and take further action:

10. Keep the Name of Edward Cornwallis on Halifax Landmarks, and his Statue Standing

On August, 16, 2008 Cheryl LeBlanc-Weldon, started a Petition, to remove the name of Edward Cornwallis, founder of Halifax, from Halifax landmarks, and a school, she also requested the removal of Edward Cornwallis's Statue in Halifax.

She accuses Edward Cornwallis of Genocide, a blatant lie. In 1751 the Mik'maq people massacred the citizens of Dartmouth, innocent women and children. Following this attrocity, Edward Cornwallis offered a bounty of ten pounds sterling, for Mik'maq scalps, in retribution of the attrocity comited by the Mik'maq people. This act was for the protection of the British citizens of Canada.

11. Dismantling of Halifax Regional Municipality (HRM)

HRM's 12-year history has proven that its "bigger is better" rationale is not the best answer for its citizens.

12. St Lawrence Court Window Locks

Recently there were two people in the Halifax college area late at night on St Lawrence Court trying to get through the kitchen windows. The two people actually got into one house and went into the next house through the fire door.

Nothing was taken but the fact that someone managed to get in through the window without breaking it suggests that they are not secure.

The kitchen windows therefore need some sort of lock on them to stop anyone from opening it from the outside.

13. Bring Back Halifax Speedway

Halifax Speedway re-emerged in 1965 and raced at The Shay Stadium until 1986, until the site was closed due to rows over money with Halifax Town FC.

It moved 'temporarily' to Odsal Stadium in Bradford in March 1986 and continued there until 1997 (the year we won the League) and this was closed due to the supposed Super Dome which has never been built and until present there has been no Speedway team running in West Yorkshire.

The speedway team had such a large following in the town that it outstripped the Football Club hands down for support at meetings and had a very loyal travelling support at away tracks.

Now after more than 20 years away of no speedway at Halifax and through fervent campaigning and backing from the management and by supporters, the time has come to push for a concerted effort to bring the club back to League existence. To aid us in this endeavour we primarily need the support of the local council, Calderdale MBC.

Please sign the petition, completing all the required fields, to show your support for the return of Halifax Dukes Speedway in our fine County.

Please note. We do require your name for signatures to be valid. Your email and street address are also required, but they WILL NOT be displayed publicly.

14. Fix our nova scotia schools

I am just a parent of three children. My top priorites for them are that they are well fed, clean, healthy, safe and they succeed in school. Everything else falls in somewhere after these priorities are met.

I followed with interest the Nunn Inquiry and was encouraged to see that the Commissioner saw fit to include four recommendations out of a total of 34 that are directed toward education in Nova Scotia. The following is a list of the 4 recommendations, copied directly from the report itself:

Recommendation 31
The Department of Education should ensure that there is additional
training for teachers and administrators on best practices in assisting
students with attention deficit and other disorders, along with
adequate funding for assessment and early intervention of students
with these disorders in Nova Scotia schools.

Recommendation 32
The Department of Education should consider additional funding
of initiatives to develop and sustain programs and supports that
encourage “school attachment” for students at risk, either within the
regular schools or in dedicated, alternative programs. Without
limiting this recommendation, as particular examples I recommend
• the department should consider the introduction of and targetted
funding for junior high support teachers throughout the province; and
• the department and Halifax Regional School Board should
continue and expand their respective “Youth Pathways and
Transitions” programs. 292

Recommendation 33
The Department of Education, in consultation with the school boards,
should identify effective measures aimed at enforcing the school
attendance provisions of the Education Act and reducing the levels of
truancy in Nova Scotia schools.

Recommendation 34
The Department of Education, in conjunction with the Province’s
strategy for children and youth at risk, should provide Nova Scotia
schools with adequate space, staff, and programs for in-school
alternatives to out-of-school suspension as a disciplinary measure.

The Nova Scotia government has recently announced it has accepted all 34 recommendations and has invested an initial 3 million dollars to get started.

This petition is to let those in government and at the school boards know that we,the people take this seriously, that we are watching and that we want quick action and immediate results.
If you are a parent or educator and you have not yet read the report you can do so at the link above.

Rather than sit back with my fingers crossed, hoping the government will do what they say, I've decided, as a parent to do something by starting this petition. You can do something by signing it and sending it to everyone you know. We are all stakeholders in education.

15. Tool To Play In Halifax

August 1, 2006

This is a petition to try to get Tool to perform in Halifax Nova Scotia.

16. Change Pine Crest Sub-Division Zoning

Pine Crest subdivision is zoned agricultural and is a prominent neghborhood.

17. Youth and Recreation Dept. Utility Building

The Halifax Youth and Recreation Commission went before the Board of Selectmen to present a proposal for a utility building behind the Halifax Elementary School Department.

The Selectman denied the Youth and Recreation Department's proposal.