Dick Smith

We Aussies are screwed. Both parties of our political system are both corrupted, dysfunctional, incompetent and seek to serve big corporate business and themselves rather than the people.

On one side, the LNP, we have an unelected by the people Banker/ Lawyer worth over $100 million who is deeply involved with Goldman Sachs.

On the other side we have a questionable Union lackey who's party's answer to the economy is to raise tobacco and alcohol tax.

Both of these parties have well demonstrated not only their incompetence but their total disdain for the electorate by lying to the public and refusing to implement the will of the people.

Aka, the selling of major Commonwealth assets, the push for a big Australia, (1 million immigrants in 3 years), the signing of the TPP and draconian laws to benefit corporations not people.

Over the years Dick Smith has been a vocal public figure on policies such as the Big Australia policy, Australian food from Australian producers for the Australian people and many more patriotic campaigns.

Dick has never been a politician.

We need people like Dick Smith to help shape the future of Oz. Not career politicians serving unknown Masters who are usually either Bankers, Unionists or Lawyers.
We need a change. Please help bring about this change b signing.

We, the people of Australia, are tired of a two party system that serves vested interests other than that of the people.

We are tired of our political system being dominated by Lawyers, Unionists and Bankers and call for a change.

We want to encourage Dick Smith to weigh in on the future of Australia and form a party with him leading it.

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