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1. Protect the Marriage Act and the Natural Family

For centuries the institution of marriage is both a symbol and protective legal framework for the natural family. Marriage is the special bond between a man and a woman to the exclusion of others.

Marriage is entered into with intent to hopefully produce and raise children, to support each other in times of need, to bring together families and to ensure the future of our people. Marriage and the natural family are the basic building blocks of civil societies in East and West.

In Australia, as in most other nations, legal marriage requires both partners to comply with a set of biological characteristics and laws: A bond of marriage cannot be formed between brothers and sisters, fathers and daughters, mothers and sons, certain other blood relatives, underage partners, persons otherwise married or partners of the same sex. These partners may love each other and decide to live together, but they cannot form a union in marriage.

If a mutually expressed feeling of love would become the sole qualification for marriage under the law, how can parliamentarians reasonably reject demands to recognise polygamous marriage, marriage with children, or marriage between relatives? After the Italian parliament recognised same-sex unions in June 2016, lobby groups are already demanding equality for polygamous unions to reflect the cultural norms of certain migrant communities.

The possible ramifications are far reaching for children deprived of natural parents: Claims of biological and genetic discrimination, accusations of creating more stolen generations and the consequences for our demographic fabric with severe fiscal implications are most obvious.

De-facto partnerships and civil law arrangements are readily available to homosexual couples. There is no need to unsettle the special bond of marriage and abandon the natural family. Marriage is rightfully defined as the union of a man and woman, formed with the intent to create a natural family and to preserve the right of children, wherever possible, to be raised by their natural mother and father. We hold this to be a self-evident natural right deserving of its special status and ongoing legal protection in our society.

2. Dick Smith as Prime Minister of Australia

We Aussies are screwed. Both parties of our political system are both corrupted, dysfunctional, incompetent and seek to serve big corporate business and themselves rather than the people.

On one side, the LNP, we have an unelected by the people Banker/ Lawyer worth over $100 million who is deeply involved with Goldman Sachs.

On the other side we have a questionable Union lackey who's party's answer to the economy is to raise tobacco and alcohol tax.

Both of these parties have well demonstrated not only their incompetence but their total disdain for the electorate by lying to the public and refusing to implement the will of the people.

Aka, the selling of major Commonwealth assets, the push for a big Australia, (1 million immigrants in 3 years), the signing of the TPP and draconian laws to benefit corporations not people.

Over the years Dick Smith has been a vocal public figure on policies such as the Big Australia policy, Australian food from Australian producers for the Australian people and many more patriotic campaigns.

Dick has never been a politician.

We need people like Dick Smith to help shape the future of Oz. Not career politicians serving unknown Masters who are usually either Bankers, Unionists or Lawyers.
We need a change. Please help bring about this change b signing.

3. Face off men unite

On August 3, 2012, the Men’s Lacrosse Rules Committee proposed several rule changes. Among these are proposals to outlaw the use of the motorcycle grip while facing off, potentially requiring faceoff men to line up twelve inches apart, and prohibiting faceoff men (but not others) from taping the shaft/head area of the stick

Many of us have excelled at this art and are going to college next year to face off, and by making these rule changes all of our hard work during high school working moto grip will be for naught.

For the reasons set forth in the full Petition - which can be found at we strongly believe that the proposed changes to the faceoff rules are imprudent, discriminatory, unfair and potentially dangerous.

These proposed rule changes will become effective for a mandatory two year period if approved by the NCAA Playing Rules Oversight Panel (PROP). It is our understanding that the PROP will meet by conference call to discuss these changes some time in September 2012.

We intend to send a complete copy of the signed Petition to the PROP by August 31, 2012, so that hopefully they will consider our views prior to approving these drastic and ill-advised changes to the faceoff rules.

4. Oppose plans to transform Brierfield Mill (BSN) into a single sex, single faith school.

Clitheroe Road Residents Association. Opposing plans to transform Brierfield Mill (BSN) into a single sex, single faith school.

Members of the Clitheroe Road Residents Association, are asking for your support in opposing plans to transform Brierfield Mill (BSN) into a single sex, single faith school.

You may be aware that a previous interested party, the El Ahya Trust, have now purchased Burnley College, and will be opening a University for 1500 students.

A group called Islamic Help, has now placed a deposit on Brierfield Mill and is proposing a 5,000 student boarding school, of single sex and single faith.

The residents association is made up of members of different cultures, religions, age groups and sex and are opposed to the proposals which we feel will divide the communities and cultures of Brierfield and Pendle.

Pendle residents have been committed to community cohesion for many years, and have managed to avoid the tensions that other areas nearby have seen.

We have also spent millions of pounds schemes such as Building Schools for the Future, which were pioneered to ensure that the future of our communities, the children, grow up and are educated together.

Such a plan for Brierfield Mills, from a company based in Birmingham, will cause deep rooted divisions in our town and Pendle as a whole, which would end all the good work that we have all contributed to over the years.

The wider impact on Brierfield and Pendle's infrastructure (medical care, transport, primary schools, and children’s nurseries) are also a major cause for concern.

We kindly ask you to sign our petition, and hope we can rely on your continued support in ensuring we achieve the best, for ALL communities in Brierfield and Pendle.

5. Celtic fans Petition to the SFA

Last season a new initative was started by the SFA in relation to introducing video evidence. If Gordon Smith and the SFA are serious in wanting to clean up the game in relation to simulation or career threatening challenges, as they have indeed indicated. Then they need to be consistent in their actions.

The Celtic supporters who have signed this petition are behind the SFA's initiative and call for Scottish Football’s governing body to act with clarity and consistently in order to keep the integrity of our game intact.

6. Save Woolston Shops

Woolston has suffered more than most local shopping centres as a result of the current recession. Despite this, when £3 million was announced to help struggling shopping centres, Woolston received nothing.

Furthermore, the secretary of state responsible for this is your local Labour MP John Denham. Royston Smith is calling for Woolston to receive its fair share of help through the crisis.

7. Release Kelsey's Records

Petition to Release Kelsey's Records
Kelsey Smith-Briggs of Meeker, Oklahoma died of blunt force trauma to the abdomen on October 11, 2005.

Join us in our endeavor to petition the court to have the records released for Kelsey Smith-Briggs. There are many records that have been withheld from the public including the records for the guardianship hearings in February and June of 2005 and the visitation hearing in September, 2005 and DHS records.

Ryan Luke Law requires that the records be released, yet for some reason those in power have withheld them from public view and kept them confidential.

By signing the petition on this page, you are adding your name to the list of those who want Kelsey's records released so that the truth in this case can be known. We welcome signatures from all over. Please share this site with all of your friends and help us get the records released!

Thank you for your support!

8. Make Liz Smith a dame

Liz Smith is one of Britain's most prolific and all too often overlooked actresses.

This December Liz will celebrate her 87th birthday. She is very much loved and respected by the British people and it is about time that she was given the recognition that she so richly deserves.

9. Usa Boxing "Jesse Nicklow" vs "Mike Paschall"

Please sign this petition and ask Jake to get these guys from under his arm and let's see them fight.

This will be a sold out crowd.

10. Bone 3

Telltale Games make some superb games, with their franchise library including the brilliant Sam & Max, Tales of MI, SBCG4AP, Wallace & Gromit and CSI games... oh yeah, and Bone!

Although this may seem good, Telltale stopped working on the Bone series after just two games, leaving the story incomplete. The series is very popular, and hopefully this petition can prove that even more.

This petition is for everyone wanting Telltale Games to make a third Bone game based around the book 'Eyes of the Storm', and then hopefully continue the series right until the end.

11. Sack Smith Petition

In 2006/07 Perth Glory had its worst season ever finishing 7th on the A-League ladder with as few as 5 wins.

Ron Smith simply didn't perform. Perth Glory's name is gone as one of the best teams in Australian football.

12. Bring Back Potato "Ruffles" Smith Chips

Crunchy Potato Smith Chips "Ruffles" Bring em Back.

Stopped production by Smith's Snackfoods due to decreasing sales. Famous for
leaving the top of your mouth damaged from the rough texture. SUPER YUMMY!

Remember to tell everybody you know to log on and sign...

13. Sandie Smith-Fuller should stay

We the employees of iHerb, Inc. ask Sandie Smith-Fuller to withdraw her resignation.

14. Increasing Managment Salaries for Supervisors

The supervisors within Brockway-Smith are employed by a strong reputable company. However, the salaries that we are afforded are not consistent with what our duties entail and how our hourly subordinates are compensated.

15. Replace Steve Buyer As Chair of House Veterans Affairs Committee

July 11, 2006

This petition is a response to the measures Steve Buyer R-IN has taken to reduce the benefits our veterans receive when they return home from foreign wars.

In January 2005, the Republican leadership forced out Rep. Christopher Smith, R-N.J., as the chairman of Verteran's Affairs in the US House of Representatives. He was a great ally for the issues close to veterans, but the leadership disliked how close we was to veterans groups, as well as his willingness to expand benefits in a time of war.

Rep. Steve Buyer R-I.N., was the replacement chosen for Rep. Smith, and he has been interminable in his efforts to cut the benefits of veterans. He has attempted to add enrollment fees for entire groups of veterans, increase prescription co-pays for medication, he has sought to redefine a service-connected disability as being only combat related, ect., ect., ect.

Last year (2005) Steve Buyer received a 0 rating on pro-veteran votes from Project Vote Smart. And this as the Chairman of the House Veterans Committee.

In short, Steve Buyer does not have the priorities of veterans at the top of his list. When waiting lists at VA facilities are ever-increasing and America is bringing home hundeds of thousands of new veterans of foreign wars, our country needs to be looking towards giving our veterans the best possible care, and not the least possible benefits.

16. Lead free housing for our children

Jan 23, 2006

In march 2005 I rented a home from Dayne Davis Realitor unaware of the serious consequences that would fall upon my one yr old son.

From the fist day we moved in my baby seemed to have changed mentally the things he once did like walking and talking all came to a stop and little by little he seem to get sicker often with high fevers of 106 to viral infections and having to go to the doctor at leat twice a month.

So they decided to give him a lead test and it was my worst fear his levels was at 10. I was contacted by the health dept (Kimberly Noble) to have the home cleaned of lead and was told to contact the landlord. I did and to my despise he gave me a seven day notice and he just recieved my rent money two days prior.

I had just moved in i got the results in June and was informed by the doctor and health dept it was a matter he has to clean. (He refused.) So i got a lawyer (Brian Smith) which informed me of my rights and told me he just can't throw me out because my baby was sick. Mr. Smith also informed my landlord Dayne Davis whom agreed to clean the house if i would not sue him for medical and emotional expenses especially since i was Eight months pregnant at the time. So he had me to leave my home for seven days assuring me the home would be cleaned up and so i did. When i returned home and after the court proceding was stopped i realized that the inside of the home wasent done only the front porch.

I called Dayne Davis and informed him of the situation because paint chips was still in the home he told me they hepa vac the home and it was safe that all i would need to do is bleach the windows and everything would be fine. so i did. The paint started to chip again and i notice my baby was getting sicker, around this time he took me to court to file for eviction two months later in Sept becuase of the funds i wouldnt give him until the home was cleaned which was just for june 2005 after he agreed with my lawyer not to take legal action especially since he wouldnt take my funds anyways.So i payed him and to my surprise my son is getting more violent, angry and now he cant talk anymore, hes also throws horrible temper tantrums and he cant even focus. So i was advised by his family doctor Dr. Saeed that his levels had increased to 15 and to send him to an A.D.H.A specialist Dr. Chheda, whom diagnosed my son with A.D.H.A Behavior conduct disorder, and refers him to a speech, and behavior therapist as well as phychrioist. Hes now deemed mentally retarded and the cause was Lead Poising now he is prescribed medicine to help him focus and calm down. I informed Dayne Davis that i was notified by the health dept for the second time and salem houseing comission(which cleans lead in homes) and they agreed to clean the home with his signature. He refused and torn up my paper then threated me by calling the police all over him signing the paper so i can have a healthY safe living environment.Dayne Davis even went so far to tell me "I DISLIKE YOU PEOPLE" you people he has some neverve, my son could have died over his lack of sincerity and unsafe house. That he was aware unsafe, he lied just to recieve my funds and now my sons life is worth nothing, and i need help.

He also told me " I WANT YOU TO MOVE YOU CANT PROVE THERE IS LEAD IN THE HOUSE IF I EVICT YOU ITS YOUR WORD AGAINST MINE AND I CAN MOVE ANYOTHER FAMILY IN". Please someone whoever has a ear let him hear and whoever has a heart let it speak the truth and help me for my sons sake. My son is too young to understand why hes sick and why he dosent deserve to live in a safe environment.

We have a voice and needs it to be heard, please stop him Dayne Davis before he rents a home to another child this time the child might not be as lucky as mine he/she might not make it. My newborn is only 4 mos and has already been sick often but shes too young to be tested, will someone please help me.

17. Justice for Billy Paul Smith

December 30, 2005

My son BILLY PAUL SMITH was murdered on 3-1-04 while trying to prevent a robbery.

He left this world at the age of 17 years. Please help us keep these killers in jail.

18. Don't Let "SMITH" Leave!

After years of faithful service and dedication to the Western Heights School District Band Programs, Mr. Smith has resigned due to the parents who consistantly find the need to run to administration and complain and the school administration's refusal to support him as the Head Band Director.

19. Commute Cody Smith

Cody Smith is a 23 yr. old father of 2 who is being sentenced to 14 years in federal prison because he was would not rat. His problem with addiction is a mental health issue not a criminal one. He is a kind, honest, and giving member of the community who needs rehabilitative services, not prison time.

20. Get Peter Smith a Contract

Peter Smith was born to be a star! You only have to listen to his voice to realise that! Last year he narrowly missed being part of Ireland's very own Popstars Six so when he turned up on Popstars the Rivals many people couldn't believe that talent like his could be missed out on and boy did he show us by making it into the final 10 boys.
However tonight we were shocked when Peter came forward and told viewers that he was in fact 2 months too old to be in the group and therefore gave up his place in the final ten. What Peter did was incredibly brave and noble.
But his talent should not be missed out on, we are petitioning to make sure that he is signed up by a record company because no-one is more deserving than him! So spread the word and sign our petition.
Love Clare and Laura

21. Help singer, Danielle Smith, succeed!

Hi, my name is Michelle. A closest friend of mine, Danielle, is a singer. She writes music, dances, and performs. She's also co-producing her own CD due out soon! Please sign this petition. By signing this you are helping a very (and multi) talented young female achieve her dream of being a singer. Some of her goals are to win a Grammy and Video Music Award. This girl performs at many local and non-local clubs. She's also in a girl trio - Sexified. Thanks.

22. Kevin Smith movies on DVD

Clerks, Mallrats and Chasing Amy are all great movies made, produced and directored by Kevin Smith, but the only problem is that they can only be bought from the american werbsite and only work if u have american regional encoding which may only be released until later this year at earliest december.