Diabetes UK
United Kingdom

May 31, 2006

The UK's leading diabetic charity, Diabetes UK, have issued a Part 8 Claim Form at the High Court seeking to make a diabetic family homeless.

There was a court action ten years ago between Diabetes UK (BDA) and this diabetic family. The diabetic family had set up a diabetic charity called the Diabetic Society. Diabetes UK argued that this was too similar to their own name.

To read the newspaper article about this litigation:

http://icsouthlondon.icnetwork.co.uk/ 0100news/0225croydon/ tm_objectid=16916417&method=full&siteid=53340&headline= family-could-lose-their-home-after-court-battle-with-charity-name_page.html

To view the documents relating to this current litigation go to:


Diabetes UK spent over £600,000 of charity money to succeed with this action. Lord Justice Walker described the amount of charity money that Diabetes UK wasted on this as "deplorable" and "scandelous". Both Lord Justice Walker and the Lord Chief Justice Phillips of England criticised Diabetes UK heavily for the amount of charity money they had spent on suing a diabetic family.

Diabetes UK were successful with this litigation and were legally entitled to their costs. Lord Justice Walker awarded them 3/4 of their £600,000 costs. However, both Lord Justice Walker and Lord Chief Justice Phillips recommended to Diabetes UK not to enforce the Order for Costs.

After Diabetes UK were successful with this litigation they purchased every single name you can think of relating to diabetes and diabetics from Companies House stopping anyone else from setting up a diabetic charity. For example, they purchased: Diabetic Society, The Diabetic Society, Diabetes Society, The Diabetes Society, Diabetic Society National, The Diabetic Society National... This is why they are the UK's leading diabetic charity.

Diabetes UK are trying to force the sale of a diabetic family's home in order to meet these costs. They are seeking to make a diabetic pensioner and his diabetic daughter homeless.

We know for a fact that the trustees of Diabetes UK have not agreed to this.

Our Queen is the Patron of Diabetes UK.

Thank you.

Your help is greatly appreciated.

If you think that the Queen's diabetic charity should make a diabetic family homeless then do not sign the petition.

If you think that a charity which has been set up to help diabetics should not be allowed to spend £1500 of charity money an hour on solicitors fees in order to make a diabetic family homeless, sign the petition.

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