#Animal Rights
Philippines President

In 1998 the Philippines Government passed an Act banning the slaughter and human consumption. Visit http://sirius.2kat to view said Animal Welfare Act. There is comprehensive detailed information on the above site detailing the atrocities and abject cruelty dogs in the Philippines are having to undergo.

The trade in dog meat must be banned now and the Animal Welfare Act enforced. Dogs are usually sold at markets while still alive, their front limbs dislocated and tied painfully behind their backs and a jagged tin can rammed over their jaws to make them easier to handle. All in blatant disregard of a law that carries a minimal penalty which the police do not bother to even try to enforce.

Let us put an end to this cruelty and allow dogs the dignity and humanity to live alongside of us as our devoted companions as is their right. No dog shall be in the human food chain!

We, the undersigned, demand the Philippines government act immediately to enforce the Animal Welfare Act 1998 and stop the slaughter of dogs for human consumption.

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