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DCF abuses individuals Constitutional Due Process Rights. DCF does this through legal loopholes in the system by contacting local authorities and using the Exigent Circumstances doctrine.

By avoiding probable cause through exigent circumstances DCF can easily avoid obtaining probable cause to obtain a warrant to remove children from their homes. Hundreds of children are placed at risk and victimized while under DCF care and Custody.

Due Process was intended to prevent government agencies from abusing, violating and victimizing individuals.

Society believes establishing probable cause is crucial along side a court order to maintain control of an agency that is responsible for the deaths, rapes, sexual and physical assaults, suicides, attempted suicides and much more of children under DCF and State care, custody and control. Society believes if DCF is forced to respect constitutional rights the agency will experience a great deal less of children victimiziation while under DCF /state care. This petition is crucial for safegaurding children, individuals, families and the government DCF agency.

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Society asks legislation to create and implement a law that would require DCF to obtain probable cause and a court warrant prior to the removal of a child(ren) from his/her home in addition to setting restrictions on the use of the Exigent Circumstances Doctrine by the Department of Children and Families DCF.

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