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Australian Dairy farming is an industry of national significance, embedded as the backbone of many communities in regional areas.

Farming people have provided a rich heritage of hard working Australians, a legacy that remains integral to the tapestry of our modern culture. Dairy farming is an essential component of the Australian economy, generating $4billion through the farm gate in 2011/12, and creating employment for an estimated 50,000 people on farms, in manufacturing and other directly related industries. (Dairy Australia Annual Report 2011/12)

To the Honourable President and members of the Senate in Parliament assembled:

The Petition of the undersigned shows:

Australian dairy farmers are facing a crisis. Decreasing milk prices and sharp rises in feed and energy costs have dramatically increased cash flow pressures for Australian dairy producers. A lack of protection in milk price negotiations, and the continuing domination of the domestic market by supermarket chains, has further constrained farmers in their capacity to manage profitable outcomes. As a consequence investment confidence from within the banking sector is continuing to erode, placing enormous economic pressures on Australian dairy farming families.

Your Petitioners ask that the Senate:

Commission an independent review of the Australian Dairy Industry, including:

• A full review of Australian Dairy Industry Bodies and their use of Federal funding and Farmer Paid Levies.

• A review of current Dairy Supply Chain structures and practices, culminating in recommendations for action that will ensure a fairer farmgate price for Australian Dairy Farmers.

• A review of the State enforcement agencies responsible for maintaining Australian Food Standards in all dairy products.

• Recommendations for action that will ensure Australian Dairy Products remain available to Australian consumers.

We urge the Senate to move immediately, in accordance with our request, to assist Australian Dairy farmers who currently face economic extinction in the current environment.

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