#Human Rights
DAVID Dobrik
United States of America

Natalie works really hard and needs a puppy to bring with her on her daily 8 times a day Chipotle runs! We will buy your merch for you to buy her a dog PLEASE this is for science! Natalie deserves a best friend that won't tell her to go steal a monkey from the L.A zoo, or to shoot her friends with paint ball guns. The dog will protect her from the ghosts in her room (sorry) and everytime a fan comes to your house, the dog will bark and they'll run away! Plus she would be so cute with a dog ALSO DUDE THE CONTENT WE NEED AND WANT IS GOING TO BE FIRE!!! And Natalie is the one who's going to take care of it. She goes out everyday so there's no problem with that AND she wants one so bad you won't even have to do anything except look at a cute puppy all day PLEASEEEEEE

We, the humans of the earth call on David Julian Dobrik to buy Natalie mariduena a puppy. We promise to buy more of your merch if you do.
Natalie will take care of it
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Cuteness overload
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Good content

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The DAVID, BUY NATALIE A PUPPY petition to DAVID Dobrik was written by Fifi Zell and is in the category Human Rights at GoPetition.