Youth, Women and Indigenous Communities

Join us as we establish a New World System, that truly project the real meaning of "democracy" in the world, where every child have the opportunity to thrive, regardless of the ethnic or economic background, geographical location, gender or sexual orientation.

A world that is inclusive of elders and youth being protected by proper health systems, care of individuals in all communities around the world, the care of our land and animal kingdom, that is for the enjoyment of "all people".

The present world structure has been established through fundamentalist religion, Judaism (Jewish male dominated rulership), Christianity (European male dominated rulership) and Islam (Arab/Middle Eastern male dominated rulership), that perpetuate the so called "Superior Culture" that rules the world, and is in the contest of winning the leadership based on "material gain" called "capitalism" in the form of natural resources, i.e., oil, gold, diamond, etc., and human slavery for profit and to win a game by "brut force, through war".

A system that continues to perpetuate denial of human rights of women and children, creating abusive situations, regardless of ethnicity, through rampant sexual assault (a number one tool used in war, to defeat the so called "enemy", the so called "other"), unjust child labor, majority of women in the role of sub servitude at the mercy of the "male dominated" society across the world, inclusive of the so called "Free world", "America" through Fundamentalist Religionists, Right and Left winged politics and the power through the monetary system created as a tool in dividing the world in different so called "classes, i.e., 1st class, second class, third class citizens". In God's kingdom there is only "one class of citizenship" those who all are living an abundant life, based on the Promise of the Universal System we find in such wisdom teachings as Genesis 1 in the Holy Scripture, promised to all inhabitants.

Our petition is to advocate a New World Order through a "Heart centered" Universal System, that is inclusive of all spiritual disciplines that advocate and promote the true equality of all of humanity based on the one ruling principle, "that all of humanity is created in the image and likeness of God" (whatever we may call this image), that every human being is a part of the whole, and deserve justice and liberty based on the factor that everyone on earth is worthy to be on the planet and it is enough provided for us all when we have a "heart centered" focus. Through a "heart-centered" social order, we are aware that the Creator, created all of us in the image and likeness of this Holy Order, and everything created is GOOD!

We believe this same message is also backed up in the Egyptian Kemetic Philosophical teachings, Judaism, Hinduism, etc., all are part of this Spiritual Universe,and regardless of what Spiritual disciplines are practiced, all participants are promised the fruits from the Tree of Life, just because EVERY SOUL on EARTH is part of the Universal Source.

We, the undersigned, commit to working together toward establishing this Universal Kingdom on Earth, that support the activities in the creation of this New World that supports the opportunity for "every child to thrive" and every community on earth to thrive, providing a livelihood for our children to be nurtured.

We support a world system that is inclusive for all to be treated just and fairly eliminating any manufactured threat of harm based on the "color of anyone's skin, sexual orientation, or gender" or power based on "abusive behavior in all areas of so called leadership by man that dominates the masses".

We support a world system that advocate everyone the opportunity to live healthy and abundantly, not based on a "monetary caste" system, that deprives humanity in living abundantly on the "land that has been given by the Creator" for all to thrive from.

We support humanity working together in creating a just society that does not kill, steal or destroy based on "monetary" gain, but to be wise caretakers and caregivers, that make provisions for all to live comfortably on earth.

We support equality for all humanity, both male, female, and every "ethnic culture" on earth, realizing there is only one race of people "the HUMAN RACE", and the Creator LOVES US ALL!

We support and respect LEADERSHIP that honors and affirms the same principles of behavior that we have supported above, realizing that leaders are chosen by the people for the people, and all have rights to be part of the human kingdom without abusive and unfair behavior from the leaders we have chosen to serve us.

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