Flinders Council

The Flinders Council has listed a new motion that Council resolves to rescind motion no. 197.08.2018:

“That Council adopts option 4 of the cost options Annexure 11, for consideration
in the 2018/19 Capital Budget for Waste Management.”

2. That Council adopts Model 1 - Whitemark Landfill Site open 5 days a week and all Transfer Stations closed as the most affordable compliant, and efficient Waste
Management Strategy to be implemented over a period of three months from the
date of adoption.

We the undersigned, would like to lodge our objection to the Council moving such a motion on the Agenda when those Community members who will be directly affected have not been contacted or provided with an opportunity to make comment on the need of Council to rescind its previously community approved motion which was for Model 4.
Model 4
Whitemark Landfill Site open four days a week, Lady Barron Transfer Station open two days a week and Killiecrankie Transfer Station open one day a week.
• Ten-year program costs $5,126k vs current status quo $3,200k – additional $1,926k.
• Pro – strives to keep Transfer Stations open.
• Pro – takes the risk out of Model 3 and opens the Whitemark Landfill site for an extra 2 days.
• Pro – highest level of service delivery.
• Con – most expensive option.
This model is not recommended as it is the most expensive and not affordable option. It seeks to address the issues identified in Model 3, but the provision of the highest level of service delivery comes at an unobtainable cost.
Regardless of costs to the Council this was the approved motion made after a proposed Waste Management Strategy was circulated and the Community was given time to provide public feedback.
By moving this motion at a time when there has been no further community consultation with no public discussion is irresponsible of the Councillor's in their duty to represent the persons who voted them into positions whereby they are purportedly representative of their constituents is, very possibly, a breach of the Public Interest Disclosures Act 2002.
Those Councillors should also note that this would result in the constituents of the Northern and Southern Parts of the Island without any or few services provided by Council for their Rates. Currently, those in the Northern region of Flinders in particular, do not receive Water Supply Services, no or considerably limited sealed roads and now the Council plan to remove the essential Waste Transfer Station.
Please find below some of the issues, listed below for your information, which will be imposed on the rate payers in the northern and southern regions if the Waste Transfer Stations under consideration for closure are closed:
• An additional impost on our Elderly to easily deal with their waste and more expense per travel whilst surviving on an Aged Pension
• To deliver waste to Whitemark means that Killiecrankie & Palana residents will have to travel 100+/- kilometres return trip
• Possibility of considerable waste being dumped in the bush or roadsides or residents may decide to dig a hole on their property to dispose of their waste
• In relation to Lady Barron travel for trades people to dispose of building waste may impose another cost to rate payers who are building, renovating etc
• Tourism significantly adds to the economic well-being of the Island. After each residency by tourists it is mandatory to remove all waste and dispose of it which will encompass an additional cost to tourism property owners up to 2 or 3 and maybe 4 times per week during peak periods
Once again, we the undersigned would like one of two results from this petition, that the Councillors do not rescind their original motion and continue to honor the decision which was passed after community consultation or, that they put the relevant motion on hold until the Community can be given an opportunity to be briefed fully and be able to make public representation to the Councillors of the Public's view point on this issue.

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