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The Office of the President of the Philippines,The Commission on Human Rights

We, the Filipinos residing in the Philippines and overseas, strongly condemn the brutal killing of Mrs. Lilia de Villa's husband and 7-year old daughter by policemen pursuing a robbery gang on Dec. 5, 2008 in Paranaque City. This wanton act of savagery and blatant disregard for "Rules of Engagement" by the very same policemen who are supposed to be the guardians of public safety show the ineptitude of our law enforcers and their utter disregard for human life.

According to the account of Mrs. de Vera "my husband's face was unrecognizable because he was shot in the head at close range while he was kneeling with his head bowed down. My daughter's young body was riddled with bullets, one hit her head, blowing her brains out, all from powerful guns and ammunition fired by the men in uniform on two innocent and defenseless persons." What was the only crime of the victims? They were mistaken for robbers while driving their SUV Crosswind in the vicinity of the shoot-out. Based on some eyewitness accounts, the police sprayed bullets on the van, despite the absence of any provocation from the van and in an effort to save their lives, Mr. De Vera grabbed his already bloodied daughter and run away from the van to seek cover from a parked jeepney. Nonetheless, he was shot at close range. How can one mistake a man clutching a bloodied girl for a robbery suspect? Or was this a case of eliminating the only witness who could pinpoint the killers of the girl?

As usual, after a few days in the news and as the victims are not well-known or influential persons in Philippine society, media stopped news coverage and the public is not aware whether the perpetrators of the crime have been brought to the bar of justice.

We, the undersigned Filipino people and expatriates who love our homeland, believe in equal justice for all, both the rich and powerful, as well as, the ordinary citizen.

We believe in making persons in authority accountable for their actions; and while the wheels of justice in the Philippines is reputed to move slowly, this case cannot be allowed to be "swept under the rug".

The Commission on Human Rights has the duty to protect the human rights of all citizens and the Office of the President has the moral obligation to see to it that the perpetrators of the crime are prosecuted. In the same manner that she saw it fit to have the "Alabang Boys" prosecuted for drug crimes despite the reluctance of government prosecutors to do so, this case should be given equal prominence.

The only hope of the grieving widow and mother is to see to it that justice is served for her loved ones. Please give her this small consolation.

Please affix your signature on this Petition and invite your friends to do the same. Let your voice be heard.

Thank you and God bless.

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