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Club Penguin was a free online computer game released in 2005 created by RocketSnail Games. It was later sold to Disney interactive Studios in 2007. (which discontinued it in 10 years). This game gave so many children happy memories and formed a large part of our childhoods. Club Penguin made us happy when no one else could. It had many enjoyable parties and tons of fun activities. Sadly. 2 years ago the game shut down for a mobile game. This mobile game was nothing compared to the virtual desktop game. Almost every activity was limited to a membership which made the game completely unplayable. The game's unpopularity and overall disliking eventually led to it being shut down aswell. This has left the old fan community with nothing but copies of Club Penguin. Which do not come close to catching the same feeling the original did. So please, for all the fans out there, and to the children bored looking for something to play, we ask that you relaunch this game if possible. Thank you and have a good Halloween.

We. the fans, ask RocketSnail Games to relaunch the original Club Penguin for the sake of today's children and the teen's who played before,

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