As you all know Japan is an isolated island which must have strict policies on aliens entering the Japanese soil. As each day passes casualties of COVID 19 are increasing. Japan is known to have the fastest ageing population which means extra precaution must be taken. Additionally to have COVID19 test you must have a fever of minimum of about 38.5 degrees for at least 3-4 days in order to take the PCR test. The Japanese government is clearly pretending everything is under control just because they want to continue Tokyo Olympics as soon as they can. They clearly have not thought further for the residence in Japan but only for the image of Japan to foreign countries. Many countries have closed their borders and closed down their airports while Haneda and Narita are still accepting travellers across the world as if this pandemic is not happening. They do not have a strict rule on self isolation upon arrival as other countries did. Restaurants, bars and shops have not been informed by the government to close temporarily (e.g. UK, Switzerland) which can risk the employee's health and possibly even life. If this continues the casualties will grow and rise even faster and death rates would rise affected by it.

This is the exact moment when Me, You, Everyone has to unite and cooperate in order to stop this spread immediately and decrease the health risk hazards. I do understand we all want to have the same old lives back. But unless we do this together this cannot work out for anyone across the world. Please sign the petition and share to your friends and families as much as you can.

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