John Steven Knipp

I know that it is very much need that we start taking more action to help save our ozone layer if we dont do something about this we will have global warming on our hands and everyone will be dead. I propose that we start using more ozone friendly resourses as power instead of fossil fuel. These resourses could include wind power, water power, clean electric power but it sould not be limited to these three. I really think we NEED to do this because if we dont then global warming will kill us all.

I want to live to see many more days without having to worry about this and i think that we sould really start thinking about the big picture: Can we go on doing what we are doing and not have this happen in the possible near future. I hope you take this as seriously as I do because I want are children to have a future.

Please sign this petition to reduce the use of fossil fuels and start using more ozone friendly energy such as wind, water, and clean electric power.

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