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1. Cleaner more ozone friendly energy sources

I know that it is very much need that we start taking more action to help save our ozone layer if we dont do something about this we will have global warming on our hands and everyone will be dead. I propose that we start using more ozone friendly resourses as power instead of fossil fuel. These resourses could include wind power, water power, clean electric power but it sould not be limited to these three. I really think we NEED to do this because if we dont then global warming will kill us all.

I want to live to see many more days without having to worry about this and i think that we sould really start thinking about the big picture: Can we go on doing what we are doing and not have this happen in the possible near future. I hope you take this as seriously as I do because I want are children to have a future.

2. Help stop OUR OWN DESTRUCTION - time to switch to clean renewable forms of energy

How many disasters and destruction do we need more to finally learn?

A ruptured tanker called the Prestige, carrying 77,000 tons of fuel oil, almost twice what the Exxon Valdez spilled, sank off the coast of Spain on 19th November 2002. The full impact has yet to be seen, but it is clear that this is already a major environmental disaster. This is a ticking time bomb!

After dozens of spills like these averaging more than one oil spill every two weeks during the 1990s), what will it take for us to reduce our dependence on oil?

As long as we continue to rely on oil for energy there will be more devastating oil spills and global warming will become catastrophic. The only solution is to switch to clean renewable forms of energy like wind power, solar power and the clean green fuels like hydrogen.

We demand our politicians to act NOW, enough is enough. When our beautiful planet will be destroyed it will be too late to cry, regret and say if we only had...

The latest report from the International Panel on Climate Change IPCC) says that hundreds of technologies are already available, at very low cost, to reduce climate damaging emissions and that government policies need to remove the barriers to these technologies. Implementing these solutions will not require humans to make sacrifices or otherwise impede their quality of life. Instead, they will enable people to usher in a new era of energy, one that will bring economic growth, new jobs, technological innovation and, most importantly environmental protection. However, for green solutions to global warming to find a foothold in the market, governments and corporations need to lead the shift away from polluting technology. At present, fossil fuel industries are provided with billions of dollars in subsidies so that dirty energy stays cheap. Polluting industries are allowed to pollute for free, while clean technologies remain under-funded. Developing nations, which have the fastest growing energy needs, are locked into old fashioned fossil fuel technologies by Export Credit Agencies. The time has come for humans to wean themselves off fossil fuels and other climate damaging technologies. Oil companies must stop exploring for more fossil fuels that the world cannot afford to burn. Governments need to subsidise renewable energy and force polluters to pay.

Green technology is ready to take over Wind power is already a significant source of energy in many parts of the world. It can supply 10 percent of the world's electricity within two decades. Solar power has been growing in a global capacity by 33 percent annually. Greenpeace and industry research shows that with some government support, the solar industry could supply electricity to over 2 billion people globally in the next 20 years. By 2040 solar photovoltaics could supply nearly 25 percent of global electricity demand. A report conducted by global financial analysts KPMG shows that solar power would become cost competitive with traditional fossil fuels if the production of photovoltaic panels was increased to 500 megawatts a year. A renewable power plant in Asia could have the same costs and provide the same jobs as a coal fired plant, but with significant environmental advantages. Greenfreeze refrigeration technology, which is safe for the climate and the ozone layer, has spread around the world. It is an ideal solution for developing countries where cost and efficiency are particularly important.

3. A Campaign to save the Rainforests

We are campaigning to save the remaining Rainforests of the world from being destroyed. With this petition and your signature, which will make a difference, we will show the governments of the world that they can no longer ignore the growing problems that are facing the Earth. Without the lungs of this planet global warming will be a very serious issue with which we shall have a point of no return in the coming future.

Some governments are not taking the necessary steps to ensure the welfare of this planet and its inhabitants and some may not realise the importance of the rainforests to the world at large.
So what is so important about the Rainforests? Trees themselves suck up carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and then release oxygen, whereas we in turn as humans do the opposite we breathe in the oxygen and release carbon dioxide, with an ever increasing population we need the trees to balance human activity.

The major contributors to global warming are fossil fuels releasing carbon dioxide, fossil fuels are omitted from cars, lorries, planes, and anything that uses combustion. It is reported by scientists in the last 450,000 years, carbon dioxide has not risen as much as it has since the Industrial revolution

The importance of the Rainforests are their positioning, placed within the tropics of Cancer and Capricorn they lie on the Equator which receives the most sun.

With the trees not being destroyed carbon dioxide is absorbed, oxygen is released and the sun's rays can bounce back into space because of lower levels of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. But even in this ideal situation all countries have to reduce their CO2 emissions.

With the Rainforests destroyed, oxygen is not released and carbon dioxide is not absorbed leading to higher levels of this gas in the atmosphere. The sun's rays then hit the Earth and cannot bounce back into space due to these high levels, thereby heating the Earth which also has an effect on the inside of the Earth.

Due to this destruction and global warming, the weather patterns are changing and becoming more irregular and more severe.

Please sign our petition. We don't want our children and their children's life to be determined by people with closed minds. We have to think ahead to the next seven generations.

As our forefathers fought for our freedom it is our turn to secure the future for the coming generations.

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