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Mayor & The City Council of Fitzgerald-Chairman & The Ben Hill County Board of Commissioners
United States of America

Going before the Ben Hill County Board of Commissioners on April 6, 2010, is the 2011 SPLOST Referendum.

The Fitzgerald City Council voted unanimously in favor of the final proposal in February 2010, meeting.

We ask that the City Council to reconsider allocating $600,000 toward synthetic turf.

We are continuing to collect signatures as the referendum is planned to appear before the County Commissioners on April 6, 2010.

We, the undersigned, are opposed to the installation of synthetic turf, as contained within the City Projects: Recreation Facilities-Football Stadium,

We oppose the installation of synthetic turf for the following reasons:

First, the proposal ignores the wishes of the citizens of Fitzgerald & Ben Hill County.

Second, it is documented that there is increased knee, ankle and foot injuries while playing on artificial turf as compared to natural grass.

Third, it is the opinion of the citizens that many other projects exist more deserving of the proposed funds, at this time. This money should be applied toward the DMC debt, the reoccurring Carnegie/City Hall Renovation debt, or especially roads/bridge repairs.

Finally, the tax payers ask for the members to re-evaluate this proposal concerning the installation of synthetic turf. Considering the current economic crisis, we feel the timing is not correct. We have no complaints with the other proposed renovations to the football stadium. If the field is in dire need up repairs, we strongly suggest remaining with a natural playing grass surface.

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