Citizens of South Pasadena
United States of America

This petition is regarding the support for a community memorial garden in South Pasadena.

The petition is written by Lisa Yee (thank you, Lisa!)

In large cities and small towns like ours, “healing gardens” have been a tranquil refuge for individuals to relax and reflect.

The addition of a Healing or Memorial Garden in South Pasadena would be a welcome respite for the youth of our community. A place they can visit alone or with friends to reflect on lives lost, and to celebrate the memories of friends and family they have loved.

Like so many families, mine is here in large part because of our outstanding school district and the sense of community our town fosters. And while our students are getting the best education we can provide within the confines of the classroom, a quiet place off campus would be welcome balance to their busy lives. I urge you to reach out and lend your support to the families of South Pasadena by endorsing a healing garden in our town.

It is a natural extension of the wonderful work our school counselors, teachers and administrators provide to our children, and would be a beautiful addition to our city. Thank you for your consideration and concern.

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