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I was a former Child Abuse and Neglect Investigator for the State of Florida.

Are you aware that most Child Abuse and Neglect cases are not reported to the authorities because people do not want to get "involved", or they are too ashamed to report the abuse.

Child Abuse and Neglect has become a nationwide epidemic. 5 children die per day from child abuse 80% are under 4 years old. For example: Then there is, Anna Riggs and Brandon Riggs. Those two sold their four-month old child to their drugs dealer for drugs and money. They also did this after they had someone else taking care of the child for a long period of time, and the boy was never seen again until police arrested someone for something unrelated to the current case against the Riggs’ and told them what was going on.

The sale was done to supposedly to ensure the Riggs’ wouldn’t back out of an adoption agreement. How sad that a child only held a monetary value for both sides (www.badbreeders.net).

Maleeya Marie Murley Avalon – Maleeya was a beautiful baby girl with a great smile. The things that she endured at the hands of Molly Jane Roe, who is not Maleeya’s mother, were horrendous. Roe is the personification of evil!

In a fit of rage, because she was mad at her boyfriend, Maleeya’s father, she not only threw this 17 month old baby, causing her to hit her head, she brutalized her. This demented, callous slag tortured this baby in ways that are unfathomable to most. She did everything she could to cause this child pain and torment in a very short time span. Maleeya had bruises all over her, she was raped, bit, and lastly suffered from a head wound and was eventually removed from life support.

I will never forget Maleeya’s smile!

I will also never forget the soulless eyes of Molly Roe! (www.badbreeders.net)

We the undersigned call for more awareness and prevention of child abuse and neglect. And for the abuser or abusers to have life and death sentences.

We also call upon the President of the United States to please look into prior child abuse cases, where the child or children are still being abuse or neglect and the State are closing these cases.

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