#Human Rights
Truong, Cong Chanh
United States of America

To: State of Oklahoma

On the 19th of July 2002, Mr. Chanh Truong contested a nolo contendere plea and was sentenced to the state penitentiary for an indecent act. The Court decision was based on improper document translation procedure and the Court did not appoint a certified Vietnamese-English translator. When under duress from Court pressure, Chanh Truong signed documents without the English skill needed to understand the court's documents and sentences.

Mr. Chanh Truong is well known as a kind, peaceful, poetic, artistic, moral, and community oriented person. He has been a resident in Oklahoma county, Oklahoma ever since he settled in the U.S.A. in 1993. He has been married for 20 years to his lovely wife, Mrs. Thu Truong, and has two beautiful children. The children are great students in the Oklahoma County school district. Furthermore he is very active in the Vietnamese community where he participated in many of the community's activities such as cultural and historical events. He also served as a member at the Giac Quang Buddhist temple where he has had many contributions. In addition, he established stable employment at Unit Parts and has excellent references from his management and co-workers.


Chanh Truong and family members

While his accusation was based on obviously weak evidence, we, the undersigned, support Mr. Chanh Truong for his court eligibility and ultimate
exoneration. We hope you can review his case for post-conviction relief approval for a witness hearing session in Court giving the opportunity for this man to testify before the judge to defend against his allegations. We strongly believe this man's innocence and step forward to provide my contact information below for your verifications. Thank you for reviewing this petition.

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