#Gender Rights and Issues
Temple High School
United States of America

-Equality of rights should not be denied and abridged by the state/business/etc, on account of sex.
-Countless measures have been taken to bring equality between men and women
-Wars/battles/fights have happened in order to get equality rights.
-The law itself entails, that ALL men and women are free to develop their own personal abilities freely, make choices, without limitations, stereotyping, gender rolls, or being prejudicial.

We, the girls at Temple High School want to change the dress code. We think that just because we have holes in our jeans, or our shoulder is showing doesn't determinate our education, nor others, Our education shouldn't have to pause because a boy cannot control himself. On the other hand, we should be treated equal. We see the boys breaking dress code, and administration and staff see it, but its never an issue until they see the EXACT same thing on a girl.
They take time out of GIRLS education to take them to the office, to wait to get new clothes, to change, and to walk back to class, but not the boys.
We want to END the discrimination, the inequality, the sexism, that people before our time fought hard to gain the rights we have now, but we are not allowed to express. We want to express ourselves through what we wear.
We ask that you all will join arms with us, and sign this petition to make the change we all so desperately need.

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