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Did you know that to be a police officer in the state of Florida you have to have good credit. That is the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard. Also passing a polygraph exam. Obviously many of the officers hired had a good enough credit score and also passed their lie detector test.

But what does that tell you about them as a person or what does it say about them being a good officer? I'll tell you what, nothing.

Here's an example::: Miami, Fl
A Miami, Fl police officer was charged with animal cruelty and another offense after he kicked a police dog into unconsciousness, according to The Police News. The incident is said to have occurred after “Duke,” a 4-year-old German Shepherd, barked (when he shouldn't have) during a training exercise at the Miami Dade Training Bureau.

The officer, “lost it,” a source of Local 10 Florida said. The officer, a 27-year police veteran and 25-year canine officer was arrested after the dog collapsed. Duke was rushed to an animal clinic by the officer after he shook the dog and realized that Duke was unconscious. The dog later died at the clinic.The officer has been placed on administrative duty with pay since the investigation began.

So the good people that maybe have a little something on their credit because of tough times or because of some bad luck and did not pass the polygraph have to suffer and not be able to serve their communities as an officer of the law. Polygraph test are not 100% effective and having good credit doesn't make you a good person. As you read in the previous example.

Lets join together to eliminate this "requirement" and from letting good people join the police force. My husband a Unites States Marine with an honorable discharge, now in the Army Reserve, never done drugs, good moral character, great citizen, hard working, overall great individual who is more than highly qualified for this job was turned down because of bad credit that his ex wife caused not him. There has to be a better way to hire good police officers.

Sign to let our state know that enough is enough. We could be stopping good people from helping fight crime and being good examples in our community.

Thank You.

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