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This petition is not to be taken seriously, it is just for fun. I want to get people to sign my petition saying we should change the state name of Idaho to Udaho.

Ladies and gentlemen, please take into consideration what I have to say. This is for a good cause, too! I think we should change Idaho to Udaho. The change will not only boost the ego of Idaho women, but it would also serve as a diss (intended or unintended, whatever the case may be). How do you think a lady feels when she has to answer "Idaho" to the question "Where are you from"? Nobody likes to put himself/herself down. However, we ALL put each other down one time or another. So you see, the name not only makes others feel good about themselves, but it also comes in handy when you need it. I need YOUR help to get this through to the government and hope for the change to occur! Thank you for your time!

(This petition was not meant to offend anyone, it was created for fun. Please sign!)

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