#Animal Welfare
Lufthansa, and Air Canada

I am an expat with 2 dogs, currently living in Czech Republic. We are from Ottawa, Canada and when I flew here, it was October and a very small hassle. My English bulldog who cannot fly cargo due to her short nasal passage, came on board as Air Transat honored our doctors note, and gave us a really pleasant experience. Fast forward 5 months, it’s time to come home and we are UNABLE to come back to Canada.

Usually, I’d survive without the petition, but I’ve heard too many nightmares within the last MONTH (I am with a hockey player, this community is small and travels a lot). I had one friend actually get confirmation from Lufthansa, show up to the airport, and get denied boarding. The employee was also very rude to the customer who you could imagine was stressed out of her mind.

While I’m telling you this, think of Canada’s determination to help mental health- but not recognize or have any ESA laws.

Back on track, we are unable to come back home to Canada now because majority of airlines (ONLY IN CANADA) decide they can’t honor ESA travel. I can’t travel with my dog under in cargo for flight risk and for my own sanity. My anxiety goes through the roof. I have an ESA for a reason. I am already a wreck flying as it is, all I want is my well behaved dog on board with me so we can all feel safe.

All we are asking is for Canada to allow and recognize ESA pets on major airlines like Lufthansa and air canada. If you really care about people’s well being, and stress-free travel experience with your airline, you will be the person to make that change. Really, this is an added hassle, stress, and pain in the ass that no one needs. Let’s say we get these signatures and come to some sort of agreeement — MAYBE for Lufthansa we will forget about how horribly weve all been treated with this “no dog” rule and just be happy moving forward that our voices have been heard.

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