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The Prime (Crime) Minister of Australia, and other ministers.


There has been massive mismanagement by the water authorities that have resulted in ecological and agriculture industry disasters. The Menindee fish kills, the dairy industry almost defunct with farmers going broke, closures and redundancy to nestle workers, the stone fruit industry about to die, wheat and cereal industry suffering, and yet, there is water for environmental flows across NSW, Vic, and SA. The former South Australian premier Jay Weatherill asked federal government for this royal commission. The government rejected his appeal, so he started a state one in SA. Shortly after his cabinet fell and the government then stepped in to stop MDBA (Murray Darling Basin Authority) from giving evidence. Sounds fishy to me.

To the Prime Minister of Australia, and fellow constituents of parliament, we the people of the commonwealth (undersigned) that you preside over implore for a royal commission into the corruption profiteering of the most priceless resource on earth. Recent changes to laws around water titles have caused water barons to send farmers broke. The water is there to use, the government is flooding bushland with environmental flows yet their are no entitlements for farmers to grow food or fibre for our nation. The changes have forced farmers to pay a premium for water that’s price is controlled by a few fat cats, many don’t even own land or live in Australia. If this happened in the stock market these tycoons would be jailed for racketeering. Water has become a valuable commodity, when it’s a natural resource. Farmers are being forced off the land by water barons. There has been great fraud and mismanagement in the industry.

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