#Students' Rights
Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger
United States of America

The State of California is facing an economic crisis like it has never seen before. It is apparent that tough decisions must be made and there have to be some cuts to the state's budget. There is no way around some form of budget cuts.

Families throughout the state are suffering in this economy and are now seeing their dreams of sending their children to have a quality education collapse in front of them. The rising cost of fees make higher education inaccessible for these families.

Thankfully California has maintained the CalGrant program even during these hard times. The future of California and its many of its citizens are relying on the CalGrant program to pay for their education and ensure a prosperous life.

We the Students of California ask the Governor not to reduce the CalGrant program in the state's budget.

As times may continue to get worse many of us may need this program to continue our education and ensure a bright future. This program is vital to the survival of California in the coming years as we will be the future business owners, laborers, doctors and lawyers of this state. But we rely on a quality education, and a quality education is not something we can all afford.

The CalGrant program provides that for us, and it provides hope for a bright future in California.

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