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Help us change the Law. In January 2020, two people went missing from the same location, within days of each other. Caleb Smith & Keeslyn Roberts. Police say they can't make business's put up surveillance. Let's make the CALEB SMITH & KEESLYN ROBERTS stories heard. #Georgialaw

Ideally, passing a law for ALL businesses to keep and maintain security cameras all across the country could prevent people in the future from suffering from the not knowing as these two families have had to do. We're starting with Georgia and with the success of such laws being written, we'll try to push it to be passed across the entire country.

A message from Caleb's mother...

April Arrington post:

The CALEB NATHANIEL SMITH and KEESLYN NOELL ROBERTS cases still have not been solved. These two young people deserve Justice. I am resharing their stories today. It has been 6 months since they both went missing from the Flying J in Resaca, Georgia. (Now 11 months.) My son's body was found dumped in a wooded area with no clothes. Keeslyn's parents are still searching and looking for answers to where their daughter is. They deserve answers. Imagine for one moment being a parent and your child goes missing and you don't know where they are and you haven't heard from them in 6 months! They deserve to know if their child is alive or if she has passed on. You cannot have peace until you know. They will always have a longing to know what happened to their daughter. Please come forward. This is the hardest thing that no parent should ever have to endure. Please call Gordon County Sherriff's office or Murray County Sherriff's office. If you want to remain anonymous when you call, then remain anonymous, but please make the phone call. The human life is precious and we all only get one. God created each individual no matter what circumstances have happened. These two precious lives are God's creations. When you go home to your families, it may be easy to forget about the ones that are missing or who have lost their life, but believe me their family feels every moment of their absence. Birthdays, holidays, just the simplest pleasure, joy and happiness of being in your child's presence. We are not vengeful people, we just want answers. Our kids are gone. People may move on with their lives, they may forget about what happened at a truck stop in a small town, but these two people were someone to their families. At the end of your 8-5 shift, your next case, your "let's not talk about these two cases anymore"... These two were more than just "cases". Caleb was our son. He was a Big brother, someone's friend, someone's loved one. Keeslyn was someone's daughter. She was someone's friend. She was someone's cousin. She was someone's niece. May God give us all answers and a peace that surpasses all understanding. I pray that God is going to move in a BIG way on both Caleb & Keeslyn's behalf and on all parties involved.

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We the undersigned call on the state of Georgia and the Federal Government to implement a Bill into Law stating that The Flying J in Resaca, GA., as well as all businesses in the state of Georgia, keep and maintain active and functioning (recording) security cameras on their premises.

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