#Law & Order
Gordon Brown + The British Government
United Kingdom

In the UK, if you commit a crime and are sent to prison, you will probably only serve a fraction of your sentence before being released to help our overcrowded prison system. Why are our prisons overcrowded? Because we don't have enough of them. The message at the moment is clear - commit the crime, and don't do the time.

Gordon Brown says he wants to be more in touch with the people, so here is our chance to tell him we have had enough of lawlessness. We want our criminals to be punished. To be locked up, to serve the FULL term of their sentences.

If we can't afford prisons with state of the art TVs, computers and games consoles, how about just building some basic prisons instead? The cost of keeping prisoners locked up is astronomic - so let's just cut back on their luxuries. Prison should be a deterrent, not a lifestyle choice.

How many new prisons do we need? As many as are necessary. 9000 new prison places is clearly inadequate.

We, the undersigned, call on Gordon Brown to authorise the building of enough prisons in the UK to house the growing number of criminals who currently go unpunished.

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